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Council Officers Research

ComRes can conduct surveys among specific types of council officers throughout England and Wales. These can be defined by region, by job title, or by seniority. We offer samples of up to 500 officers.

Council officers are a key market research audience for all suppliers to local government. ComRes can offer access to this audience, employing both quantitative and qualitative research. This research gives our clients the opportunity to understand how their organisation is viewed by the officers who commission and consume their services, its reputation and the perceived quality of its services.

ComRes has access to a database of almost 86,000 local government officers from 5,474 organisations across the NHS, Central and Local government, Further/Higher education and housing associations in the UK. This database can be segmented by specific council regions, departments, job titles, seniority, and whether they sit on particular boards and committees. As a result we are able to conduct research among the precise officers of most value to your organisation.

We are able to deliver sample sizes from 100-500 depending on the officers included in the sample definition, and can conduct research by telephone and online. We can also offer qualitative depth interviews in order to understand the reasoning and motivations behind top line perceptions.

We can conduct reputation research among this audience with our proprietary KITEscore reputation model, as well as issues and thought-leadership research, campaign or product development, and customer satisfaction surveys.

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