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Understanding the attitudes and opinions of policy makers is central to managing your legislative and regulatory environment.

Whether you need to track your reputation, gain early warning of unhelpful regulation, measure support for your proposals or test the effectiveness of campaign messages, it is vital to understand the views of policy makers.

ComRes conducts more research than anyone else among legislators. We maintain research panels of MPs, Lords, AMs in Wales, MSPs in Scotland and MLAs in Northern Ireland, as well as Brussels Influencers including MEPs and Commission officials. Each survey is representative of its audience and our consultants are on hand to ensure you get the most out of your research. Clients can commission one question or a whole series of questions on any of our panels.

The MPs Panel

  • Size: we guarantee a minimum of 150 MPs completing each survey. This allows for greater accuracy and robustness as well as enhancing the ability to analyse results at a more granular level
  • Speed: results are turned around in four weeks from the beginning of fieldwork, giving you a current snapshot of opinion and minimising the risk of events rendering results out of date
  • Frequency: approximately eight times a year, giving you greater choice over timing and enabling you to react to events
  • Reporting: bespoke, tailored reports with actionable recommendations based on both the research and our years of experience. Results are analysed by party, region, seat marginality, length of service, age and gender
  • ‘Core group’ analysis is available, adding insight from MPs who are particularly engaged on relevant issues to you

Devolved assemblies

  • Guaranteed minimum numbers of completed surveys from 50 MSPs, 40 MLAs or 30 AMs, giving you a robust sample of each legislature
  • Runs twice a year
  • Results available five weeks after the start of fieldwork
  • Results analysed by party, region, age and gender in each devolved area
  • Data fully representative of each legislature

In depth insight

ComRes also provides bespoke qualitative interviews with legislators and other policy makers. These interviews offer the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the attitudes and motivations of key stakeholders.

Qualitative interviews allow us to go beyond the headline numbers and understand why policy makers feel the way they do about the issues that are important to you.